Some Useful Tips For Buying Computers

The rapid advancement in technology that this age of ours is witnessing, introduces advanced electronic stuff each day into the market. There is some advanced model being introduced into the computer industry every other day, making it difficult for users to persist with one machine for a long time as computers get outdated faster than most other electronic equipment. There are a number of issues that must be kept in mind before buying a computer. Most of us just visit a local dealer one fine day and make the purchase as quickly as possible. This is not the right way to go as some research and planning can always help in getting the right piece of equipment for a lesser price. This little piece covers some useful tips that can help you buy the right machine and save some money on it.For starters, allocate a budget to the computer and try to stick to it. This does not mean that you cannot exceed it marginally for a better machine, but the point is to define a figure that will help you stay away from falling for things you do not need. Once you have decided over the amount that you will spend, ponder over the exact use that you are going to put the machine to. This will help you avoid getting extra components that you do not need.You should be prepared to get introduced to a world of hi-tech machines one you enter a computer shop. This means that every advanced model that you see would make the older one look redundant however useful it might be for you. The need to know what you need the computer for comes into play at this point. Stop yourself from buying what you do not need, and rest assured that you will be tempted. Just stick to your requirements and you can make the right purchase.Do not consider buying a computer such an easy and simple task. We tend to this and then end up spending more and getting problems with the machine after some usage. Do not confine yourself to visiting one dealer and buying the best machine he or she has to offer. Rather you should survey the market, so that you can get an idea about the prices and nobody can take you for a ride.It is useful to decide on the period that you are going to keep the computer before replacing it. This will allow you to make any decisions related to buying an advanced machine. New technology is rapidly being introduced in the market every day, and you need to plan for the future to get your money’s worth. Once you have decided on the machine, make sure that you understand the terms of warranty. Many users cannot read through some specific clauses although the warranty being offered on computers in the market is standard in nature. Try to acquire the best software and spend some time getting it installed. Make sure that the software you buy helps your computer function properly and guards it against viruses every now and then.

iPhone Keyboard Tips and Tricks – Get the Hang of Your iPhone Keyboard

You finally own an iPhone and now you are probably sitting on a couch trying to get the hang of it. Yes, you can spend many hours to get familiar with the iPhone’s various technologies. An amazing phone that has so much amazing features.There are almost endless reasons for you to be intrigued. Every time that you have a new technology it requires you to learn how to use it, this is oftentimes difficult, especially when resources for you to learn new techniques aren’t available at your hand. I have my iPhone next to me as I am writing this. And I think that using your iPhone’s keyboard is the first thing you need to get the hang of.So here’s a collection of all the tips and tricks that should help make a difference in the usability of your iPhone’s keyboard. This will help you keep your messages flowing and as error-free as possible.To type a letter, simply tap on it. A letter isn’t entered until you lift your finger off a key. So if you touch a wrong key by accident when typing, simply slide your finger to the one you meant to type. Let go when the correct letter or symbol appears. While Apple’s auto-correction feature is useful, many iPhone users often find themselves accidentally accepting a suggested word when they didn’t mean to. There are two things to bear in mind to prevent this from happening.First, to accept a suggested word you either tap the space, punctuation mark or hit return. Second, to reject the keyboard’s correction… finish typing the word you want and then tap on the word itself. This is little inconvenient, but it works. Do that twice and the iPhone adds the word to its dictionary.What’s the iPhone keyboard suggestion feature? The suggestion feature can be useful when it comes to contractions, which are normally awkward to type because you have to switch to a secondary punctuation keyboard to find the apostrophe. So you can deliberately leave out the apostrophe. Just type “im,” “dont,” “cant” and so on. The iPhone proposes “I’m,” “don’t,” or “can’t,” so that you can just tap the Space bar to fix the word and continue. The suggestion feature also sets in when the iPhone thinks it knows how you intend to complete a correctly spelled word. For example, if you type “fathe,” the suggestion says “father.” This trick saves you only a letter or two, though.The iPhone has an English dictionary built in (but without definitions). As you type, it compares what you’ve typed against the words in it’s dictionary (also against the names in your address book); if it finds a partial match, it displays a suggestion just beneath what you’ve typed.On capitalization ..If you want to capitalize the first letter of a word, you simply tap the shift key and then tap the letter you want capitalized. If you want to capitalize the entire word, simply go to settings and then tap general, after that tap keyboard. From there you will tap “Enable Caps Lock,” and then when you double tap the shift key it will light up blue, and now you will be able to type in all caps.There you have it… iPhone keyboard tips and tricks – simple and useful.